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Accidental releases continue to be business as usual.

Post: June 26 2012 in: Air
Exxon Refinery Baton Rouge, LA December 25, 1989 Exxon Refinery Baton Rouge, LA December 25, 1989 William Fontenot

The numerous petro-chemical facilities in Louisiana's industrial corridor continue to put workers and the community at risk with accidental releases of toxic materials.

An article in The Advocate yesterday, June 26, 2012 reports another benzene leak of an unknown amount at the ExxonMobil refinery in Baton Rouge.


This report comes just over a week from a seperate incident at the Exxon Chemical Plant in Baton Rouge.

On June 14, ExxonMobil initially reported a 10-pound benzene leak in Baton Rouge at its chemical plant. However, a later company report showed that as much as 28,700 pounds of the chemical, which is known to cause cancer, may have spewed out, and the state Department of Environmental Quality has launched an investigation into the release.

ExxonMobil’s final report came a week after the incident. In addition to the benzene, there were emissions of 10,882 pounds of toluene, a known cause of cancer; as well as 1,110 pounds of cyclohexane, 1,564 pounds of hexane and 12,605 pounds of volatile organic compounds. - Advocate Staff Report June 26,2012

The National Response Center National Response Center received over 60 incident reports in 2011 regarding spills or leaks at ExxonMobil facilities around East and West Baton Rouge Parish. Industry best practices should always prioritize worker safety and environmental responsibility above increases in profit in an already highly profitable industry. 

Worker health and safety and the safety of the surrounding communities has always been a priority for LEAN.

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