Community Empowerment Program

The heart of LEAN's work is the support we provide communities directly; informed and honed by over 30 years of addressing environmental challenges.

Many of the communities LEAN serves are low-income, minority populations often termed "environmental justice" communities. These underserved populations repeatedly bear the burden of Louisiana's industrial economy. They also do not have the means to purchase the assistance or representation necessary to make sure that their concerns are heard or that their needs are considered. LEAN is proud to be an empowering support system for these often unheard and overburdened communities.

Citizen's Guidebook

LEAN has worked to organize many of our important lessons and resources into the Louisiana Citizen's Guide to Environmental Engagement. Within this guidebook you can explore different aspects of the environment that may affect your health and quality of life as well as get a better understanding of some of the tools and resources at your disposal to navigate challenges that may arise.

LEAN's Community Atlas

With over 30 years of community empowerment history, LEAN has an extensive network of partners and experiences. Many of these community challenges are cataloged in LEAN's Community Atlas. You can use the atlas to explore the past and current challenges facing communities across Louisiana.

It is our goal that our work, community to community, person to person is slowly but surely changing the landscape of Louisiana. Louisiana has a legacy of prioritizing industry over community and LEAN's work aims to shift this unfortunate imbalance of power. Ultimately our goal is to create a statewide citizenry that is in control of their own communities health and environmental well being. With each community LEAN assists, we are building a population aware and capable of addressing the problems that arise in their community by understanding complicated environmental situations and becoming proficient in the tools they have to address them. LEANs support is on-going and with each new community struggle we build new allies, friends and network colleagues. LEAN is engaged in doing the groundwork for creating a cultural shift in Louisiana that creates informed, empowered and healthy communities in a state too often built on exploitation and sacrifice. This change must come from the bottom, from everyday people invested in building a better future for themselves. LEAN aims to be the tool with which they are able to build that future.

If you have a concern LEAN can assist you with or want to get involved, contact us.