Founded by Jim Moss, a freed slave, who bought land on the Houston River near Lake Charles, Louisiana. The historic African-American community exists in close proximity to several major industrial facilities, perhaps most significantly the nearby Condea Vista chemical plant. In 1998 Condea Vista bought out 206 homes in Mossville. Condea Vista was later purchased by SASOL which announced in 2011 a plan to expand the facility. As part of the expansion plan, SASOL included a voluntary property purchase program for the remaining residents. LEAN’s Wilma Subra has been a technical support system for the residents of Mossville for decades as they navigate concerns over permits, emissions, health impacts, and most recently, the voluntary property purchase program offered by Sasol. Many residents took advantage of the voluntary program and relocated away from Mossville. The community of West Lake on the eastern side of the facility has also been subject to relocation efforts.