Mt Airy

Residents of Mt. Airy are sandwiched between Nalco to the east and an expanding tank farm to the west. The Pin Oak Terminal in Mt. Airy receives liquid commodities by barge, ship, rail, pipeline and tanker trucks. Commodities are stored in above ground storage tanks until further distribution for commerce. The primary commodities include gasoline, light crude oil, heavy crude oil, ethanol, light petroleum distillates, mid petroleum distillates, heavy residual oils, vegetable oil and bio-diesel. The facility began operations in August 2017. The facility was initially named Safeland Storage, Angelina Tank Farm. Pin Oak applied to DEQ for a major modify to their Part 70 Air Operating Permit, to expand the terminal and substantially increase the quantity of volatile organic compounds released into the air. In 2018, Pin Oak announced the sale of the Mt. Airy facility to MPLX LP.