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Parish: West Baton Rouge Parish

The town of Sunrise was founded on land purchased by Alexander Banes, a former slave, in 1874. The community grew in part due to a Missouri-Pacific train-ferry crossing beginning in 1906. A large oil refinery was constructed adjacent to this community in 1972 and acquired by Placid Refining in 1974. By 1990, Placid had bought out all 241 residents of the historic community. Old trees once in the yards of homes and a metal plaque are the only evidence of the community that existed for over a century.

Satellite image showing the former location of Sunrise, LA
Satellite image showing the former location of Sunrise, LA
This atlas is a working document developed by community members in partnership with LEAN as they work toward resolving the challenges they face. This content is under construction and continues to be refined as new data is compiled and community situations evolve. Please excuse any errors or omissions. It is our hope that documentation of these struggles allows a greater opportunity to learn from them and, ultimately, to improve the lives of residents across Louisiana who face these significant challenges.