Active Louisiana Superfund Sites

Ag Street New Orleans Landfill since 1910. Soil contains elevated levels of lead, zinc, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic.
American Creosote Works, Inc. (Winnfield Plant) Winnfield Wood treatment facility since 1910. 5 unlined storage pits allowed soil contamination by polychlorinated dibenzodioxins, polychlorinated dibenzofurans, and various carcinogenic and mutagenic polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons.
Bayou Bonfuca Slidell Wood treatment facility since before 1900. Creosote leak in 1970 has contaminated soils.
EVR-Wood Treating / Evangeline Refining Company Jennings A wood treatment facility and oil refinery located on adjacent properties with no distinct property boundaries. Soil is contaminated with metals and contaminants have also been released into nearby wetlands.
Combustion, Inc. Denham Springs Handled nonreclaimable waste oil. 11 pits and two storage tanks now contain 3 million gallons of waste, including PCBs, volatile organic chemicals, and heavy metals. Lead and Thallium have made it to the groundwater.
Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant Doyline Site associated with loading, assembling, and packing military ammunitions, and the manufacture of metal ammunition parts. Soil, surface water, and ground water are contaminated with TNT, dinitrotoluene (DNT), phenols, 4-DNT, tetryl, and cadmium.
Madisonville Creosote Works Madisonville Wood treatment facility prior to 1950. Site has 15 above-ground storage tanks. Creosote has contaminated the soils.
Marion Pressure Treating Marion Wood treatment waste facility in operation from 1964 to 1989. Unlined pit has allowed creosote to contaminate soils.
Petro-Processors of Louisiana Inc. Scotlandville 3.5 million cubic feet of contaminated materials are potentially stored in a closed pit on-site. There is concern leachate will migrate to local waterways.
Delta Shipyard Houma Cleaning and repair facility for boats and barges which contains unlined earthen pits containing oily waste and oil field drilling material. Arsenic, antimony, lead, mercury, and pyrene, among many other hazardous substances have contaminated wetlands, groundwater, surface water, and soil.
List of active superfund sites in Louisiana