Locations Removed from Superfund List

Bayou Sorrel Bayou Sorrel Formerly a hazardous waste landfill, the site was closed after violations to state and federal permits. The site has been monitored post cleanup for 25 years.
Central Wood Preserving Slaughter Improper practices led to creosote and copper chromium arsenic contamination from wood treatment. Soil was either treated on site or excavated.
Cleve Reber Sorrento The site was used as a borrow pit during the construction of Highway 70 and the Sunshine Bridge and later as a municipal waste disposal. Groundwater was found to be contaminated with pollutants.
Delatte Metals Ponchatoula Former battery facility which consisted of wetlands and cypress swamp. Remediation included soil excavation, water treatment, and waste disposal.
DL Mud, Inc. Abbeville A small portion of the Gulf Coast Vacuum Services site. The contaminants of concern are mercury, chromium, arsenic, lead, zinc, barium, and petroleum-related hydrocarbons.
Dutchtown Treatment Plant Dutchtown A former waste-oil reclamation facility which contaminated nearby groundwater. Principal pollutants included benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene, xylene, and lead. Over 4500 cy of soil were treated on site.
Gulf Coast Vacuum Services Abbeville Vacuum and oilfield drilling mud plant. A citizen complain led to EPA investigation. Principle contaminants include benzene, PAHs, arsenic and barium.
Mallard Bay Landing Bulk Plant Grand Chenier A former hazardous waste treatment/storage/disposal (TSD) facility with numerous violations with LDEQ. Cleanup included offsite disposal of over 60,000 gallons of oil/waste material.
Old Inger Oil Refinery Darrow A former oil refinery and waste oil reclamation facility which discharged waste oil and material into an on-site swamp. The site was contaminated with inorganic and organic pollutants and was cleaned using a variety of methods. The site is now vacant and vegetation has been reestablished.
Pab Oil & Chemical Service, Inc. Vermillion Former disposal site for oil field waste. Contaminants included heavy metal, petroleum hydrocarbons, and VOCs. On site surface water treatment, biological treatment, and excavation has made the site suitable for certain redevelopments.
Ruston Foundry Alexandria An abandoned foundry which manufactured steel, iron, and other metals contaminated the site with load and antimony. Over 7,000 cy of contaminated soils were removed and the site is ready for unlimited reuse.
Southern Ship Building Louisiana Slidell A shipbuilding company which included sludge pits where used waste from vessels was disposed. Levees around the pits failed and 325,000 gallons of material was released into Bayou Bonfouca. Site treatment included removal, incineration, and capping of materials. The site is currently proposed for reuse.
The following sites in Louisiana have been deleted from the NPL following clean-up: