Proposed Superfund Sites

Calcasieu Estuary (formerly Bayou D’Inde) Calcasieu Various organic and inorganic materials were released into the Calcasieu Estuary from various industrial sources along the estuary, causing unsafe levels of PCBs and dioxin in fish from the estuary. The site is in early stages of cleanup.
Colonial Creosote Washington Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from this former wood treating operations have migrated from the facility to underlying groundwater, adjacent wetlands and nearby surface waters.
Devil’s Swamp Lake Scotlandville Former solid waste management units, a hazardous waste disposal facility, and treated wastewater discharge point were all part of Devil’s Swamp lake. PCBs are present in lake, fish, and up to 2 miles downstream.
Gulf States Utilities – North Ryan Street Lake Charles Wetland area was used as a landfill for utility operations and a tar seep has covered approximately 64 square feet. Contaminants such as PAHs, copper, and lead are being released to the Calcasieu River.
Highway 71/72 Refinery Bossier City Former CITGO refinery site that was developed into residential and commercial areas. Many residential areas have been found to be contaminated with high levels of lead and mercury.
SBA Shipyard Jefferson Davis N/A
List of 6 sites that have been proposed for addition to the superfund list