Sally Herman Interview

Sally Herman was one of the first women to connect illness to waste (creosote) being incinerated in Morgan City at the Marine Shale Processors facility, and one of the first women in the area to challenge the company. She was a founding member of South Louisiana Against Pollution (SLAP). The group received an award from Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes (CCHW) for successfully stopping Marine Shale from accepting waste from the infamous floating New York garbage barge. She was one of five women from Morgan City who received the prestigious Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) award for their role in ensuring the safety of their community in the closing of Marine Shale’s waste facility. Audio interview with Sally Herman for Women Pioneers of the Louisiana Environmental Movement by Peggy Frankland, conducted by Jennifer A. Cramer, Director of the T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History. Copyright: Louisiana State University Special Collections.