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FrackbannerDon't Frack St. Tammany

The recent crude oil and natural gas “boom” has led to increased drilling throughout the state and many communities have expressed concern over the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing. It is true that water contamination, air pollution,  as well as a myriad of  health, community and property impacts have been documented as a result of “fracking.” The citizens of St. Tammany parish are working hard to prevent fracking and it's impacts from occuring in their community.

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Restore Our Coast

Over 10,000 miles of canals have been dredged through Louisiana's wetlands in the search for oil and gas. There are many Bills advancing through the Louisiana Legislature designed to prevent private oil and gas companies from being held accountable for the damage they caused to our coast. They want to spend YOUR tax dollars to fix this damage.  Contact your Legislator today and make sure they oppose any bill that keeps oil and gas companies from being held accountable. 

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Bayou Corne Sinkhole

The community of Bayou Corne faces many uncertaintites as Texas Brine Co. works to investigate and secure a growing sinkhole in Assumption Parish. Residents of the area are faced with bubbling bayous, seismic tremors and no end in sight.

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tumblr_inline_myzyk9s4BL1rs5p4rGo Green ARMY

The people of Louisiana are coming together to demand their communities, health and environment be protected. Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, U.S. ARMY reitred,  is mobilizing the “GreenARMY,” an alliance of environmental groups from around the state ready to effect meaningful social, political, and environmental change in Louisiana. 

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gc-harms_web_bannerGulf Coast Health Alliance: Health Risks Related to the Macondo Spill

A collaborative response to characterizing environmental health risks and building community resilience after the Deep Water Horizon disaster in the northern Gulf of Mexico

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Who are we?

Before LEAN was founded in 1986, polluters ran roughshod over Louisiana's unique environment and way of life. By providing clear information about pollution and organizing groups into a statewide network, LEAN changed the balance of power. Lean stopped polluting facilities from being built and helped pass new policies protecting Louisianians' health and way of life. Now as one of Louisiana's most recognized environmental advocacy organizations, local governments and industries routinely consult LEAN at the start of applications for permits. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the BP Oil Spill, LEAN has coordinated emergency relief, disseminated accurate information about pollution and its impacts, and worked toward restoration of the region's habitats and cultures.

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