Alsen / St Irma Lee

A small rural community where some residents still have horses has become the neighbor to over a dozen industrial facilities including the infamous hazardous waste facility formerly owned by Rollins. This site is now one of three Super Fund sites in Alsen along with many other facilities that handle hazardous material near this residential community. Separated from Alsen by the Ronaldson Field Landfill, St. Irma Lee is a very small community surrounded by industrial facilities. Some residences are within approximately 300 feet of the large waste pile of Ronaldson Field. Significant local opposition was voiced during the original siting of this landfill in 1996 and there has been a documented history of complaints for the following two decades. Impacts to the community increased significantly as a result of the debris received by the Ronaldson Field landfill following the historic flooding of 2016. Residents once again expressed opposition to the operation of this facility within their community at the most recent permit renewal hearing for Ronaldson Field, still pending. Some residents in both Alsen and St. Irma Lee have expressed interest in being relocated.